Full name: Mimi Viola Margaretha Brander

Born: 1997

Living in: Gothenburg, Sweden

Studying: I'm studying for my bachelor's degree in Culture science at the University of Gothenburg

Websites:  Instagram: mimzon_ 

Special facts: Amazing sense of humor. I can chug beer really fast. I love singing in the car and I'm really easy to scare. 

What I do besides Browsing Collection: I drink alot of beer, sometimes dark rum, and hang out with my cats. Sometimes I hang out with my friends too, but mostly it's just the cats and I.


Guitars: Fender Standard Jazzmaster HH, Gibson SG (P90 + Bigsby), Rickenbacker 360 Jetglo

Amplifiers: VOX, Blackstar

Pedals: MXR Cutom Badass '78 Distortion, Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz, Boss DS-1 Distortion,

Strings: Skull Strings 10-52

Afraid of: Spiders. Hate spiders. 

Spending a lot of money on: Food and my cats

Always in my fridge: Oat milk, hummus and coconut oil

Bad qualities: I don’t have any bad qualities ://


Food: Tacos

Drink: Beer

Band/Artist: Deap Vally, Girlschool, Unleash the Archers, In This Moment, Blondie

Pet: my cats Magnus and Sivan

Console: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Classic Mini, Wii

Game: Animal Crossing, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Breath of the wild and Guitar Hero II

Color: Purple, black and green

Movie: Pulp Fiction, Thelma & Louise and A League of Their Own

Quote: "Snäll före cool" wich means nice before cool