Full name: Moa Helena Lenngren

Born: 1993

Living in: Mariestad

Education: Video Game Music (2012-2015), App Development (2017-2019)


Special facts: Vegetarian since the age of 8, can eat A LOT of food, love playing football, drive car way too fast, don't drink coffee, wear socks while I sleep, hate celery and play guitar hero on expert

What I do besides Browsing Collection: I'm a game developer and a farmer


Guitars: Vintage Icon VS6MRF The Fool, Vintage Reaper Metal Axxe, Vintage VP6BK, Fret King FKV2HBK

Amplifiers: Marshall cabinet, Orange Dual Terror Top

Pedals: Cry Baby Wah-Wah, MXR Analog Delay, T-Rex Phaser, BOSS Metal Zone, Boston Tuner, Blackstar Boost Pedal

Strings: Skull Strings 10-52

Afraid of: Humanity

Spending a lot of money on: House renovation and animal food

Always in my fridge: Oat milk

Bad qualities: Hate to lose


Food: Indian

Drink: Beer

Pet: Chickens, alpacas, goats, cats 

Band: Larkin Poe, Deep Purple, Huggorm, Royal Republic, Royal Blood, Dorothy, Prophets Of Rage

Console: Nintendo Switch

Game: Gem TD, Guitar Hero |||, Pokémon GO

Color: Yellow and black

Movie/Series: LOTR and anything Marvel

Motto: I'll do that tomorrow...