Full name: Nora Charlotta Lenngren

Born: 1997

Living In: Stockholm

Education: Music and Production (2013-2016), Sociology & Psychology (2020) NTI, Childrencare (2021-2022)

Special Facts: I have the best memory when it comes to recognizing people and faces. But unfortunately I can't remember important stuff... And I've had all colours of the rainbow in my hair

What I do besides Browsing Collection: I work at a preschool, teaching little kids to be rockstars (at least I try) 


Bass: Fender Precision

Pedals: Bass Blogger Distortion, Digital Tuner Ibanez LU20

Endorsement: Sound & Communication 

Afraid of: Frogs 

Spending a lot of money on: Hair products 

Always in my fridge: Ketchup and lingonberry jam 

Bad qualities: The word for it hasn't been discovered yet...


Food: Tacos 

Drink: Pepsi Max 

Pet: My grumpy cat Lykke

Band/Artists: All Time Low

Console: Playstation

Game: Uncharted

Color: Pink

Movie: Harry Potter 

Motto: All Is Well (Except when All Is Hell)